Did he get banned and have a name change again?

He got banned again for some mildly off color comment (but was not a personal attack IIRC). Apparently he can’t sign on again. I miss him here. He uncovered interesting things to look into and talk about. He says that it’s actually good for him since he spent too much time here. I’d lobby to bring him back though. Anyone else?

bring him back!

First Farley and now Virgin! Ugh, Joey is next, then this board is toast!

he said things that might have been offensive, however, I don’t think he was ever mean-spirited towards anyone, had interesting things to say, and definitely should not have been banned

maybe chad did not like his user name

What if there was a vis-a-vis meeting arranged between Chad and vCFAh? Maybe when he showed up, Chad found out that he wasn’t A) a charterholder, B) a virgin, or C) a hooker – and instantly banned him.

Yeah, Virgin said things that perhaps were in bad taste, but I don’t recall him ever being specifically mean.

I liked him.

he might be reading this. someone post a work email he can use.

I have read a lot of offensive stuff on this board, but never from VHooker. Too bad… one of the few who had interesting things to say.

Hmmm… Well, I miss him.

Didn’t he buy a house in CA beach next to a couple of lesbo? And he is a big time surfing dude?? Oh yeah, bring him back!!

I really thought this board was toast when AFOT was banished to some pirate board but for whatever reason both appear to be surviving.

I’ve heard of this AFOT but have not come across it… must be a mystical place.

Brianr: Join the outcasts.

VirginCFAHooker…give your hymen to Chad and get back on the forum. I second the motion of getting him back…I can’t recall VCfaH ever being offensive to somebody in particular.

He was a funny guy with some pretty clever insights, we’re worse off without him. I’ve said worse things then him.

Unless Chad is a laywer, we all know how much Virgin hated laywers.

re-virginization surgery is a fad that’s growing in popularity… maybe chad should consider.