Virtual Home Ownership

Does anyone have any advice on what investment I can make (through a brokerage) that would most closely mirror the leveraged returns I would make from putting 20% down on a house? Is it possible to buy into the Case Schiller index? Thanks for your help.

Ticker REZ?

Looks interesting, thanks.

this would not match the initial description, REZ is up over 20% from the bottom, real estate prices are not only still declining, but still doing so at an accelerating rate.

probably pushed up on demand from all those people who think now is the time get into property but can’t afford actual property. Shorting a national house price index would have been nice earner this year…

You need property derivatives. According to this They trade on CME. The usual way for a private investor in the UK to access this stuff would be through a spread betting/CFD firm - just looking in my account I can trade the HBOS house price index, but obviously not too much demand for Dallas PDs in Leeds!