Virtual stock / commodity / debt trading site

I want to have an idea about the different concepts we study in CFA, such as roll yield, etc. Theoretically, it is not getting possible for me to understand this completely. I feel a virtual platform might help, because putting real money might be time consuming and heavy (requiring large sum)…

That is why I want to register myself for virtual stock trading. I have read on the net that there are certain platforms such as, omnesys by nseindia., moneybhai by

The options are confusing. So, it would be great if someone can suggest a free platform. Furthermore, I am from India. Hence, I have a concern that certain programs in the world (us, uk, etc) might not be available in my country. So, please suggest some universal virtual trading platform. Thanks!

sign up for a brokerage account with TD ameritrade and just don’t fund it. You can use the think or swim platform in live trading mode OR paper trade. I have no idea how people who have never traded options can understand them though the curriculum. actually examining an option chain and managing your own risk makes all the difference.