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Hey guys, Was wondering if you wanted to setup a free virtual trading game spanning the next three months to mess around with and give us something to think about while we wait for results. We did one for my grad program and it was mildly entertaining.

I am not much of a trader, but it might be fun. I can tell you I probably won’t look at it until after June 6 though.

Maybe I’ll set it up for post exam then.

i’d be game after the test as well.

me too

That would be cool.

Vote for 1 week after exam so that we have a week to endlessly/pointlessly debate the ethics vignettes.

why not. but after the exam. realistically say at least one or two weeks after the exam. caz right after the exams this thread will be full of 'what was the ans for Question XX "

I’m in

we should make it June 15th

Stop staring at me Shwan.

Sure, mid June and I am there.