Vision impaired - what is font size of exam text?

Hello, Even with correction my vision is somewhat impaired, though it is not considered a handicap official. I know that CFA test a pencil and paper exam. Can someone say if the font is large, small or normal? The exam will be hard, do not need to squint too! thank you

like the typing on this forum.

It’s size 12 or bigger. If you can read a book, you can read the CFA exam.

You’re probably allowed to bring a magnifying glass into the exam room, but you’d better check that in advance. You’re definitely allowed to bring an extra pair of reading glasses. On second thoughts, it might be somewhat dark in the exam room, depending on where it is, that is. If you think you’d need an extra desk lamp or something similar, you’d better apply for it in advance. (I know for instance that some people who are vision impaired use magnifying glasses with built in lamps). If your vision is impaired, as you say, light might be an issue you want to consider.

Like 12 pt would be my guess.