Visual Basic?

Seeing how many people use Visual Basic

I use VB / VBA for some of my quant models.

Trying to learn VBA but its slow going.

In finance? The answer is likely 100,000s. JDV, for one, sez it’s da bomb. Others consider it a necessary evil for advanced Excel work. (While others consider Excel itself a necessary evil.) If you search ‘vba’ on this site you’ll find no shortage of discussion. I’d say: it’s the quickest tool for many jobs. What’s your challenge?

VB allows me to become a slacker at work :wink: Why belabor when a nifty program takes care of all your worries… Lesson - if you are in finance/data intensive job, learn it well and use it often

I do not know much about VB. I wish to get into Equity Research as an analyst or FX trader in a bank. Is it helpful/required in the kind of profiles I am looking for?

I use VB tutorials… For toilet paper