vitalsource on ipad

just received an email about this… nice!!! No more lugging around fat books on public transport…

Any reviews on this? I’m considering getting an iPad if this is a good app for reading the CFA books.

Nice, this is what I initially bought my ipad for, and then when I got the noteview app (which is almost identical) i couldn’t figure out why it didn’t work. As for the software. Hmmm, I can’t see anyway to skip ahead to particular pages. I’m looking at the Code of Conduct (a free download) right now. This would make finding something in a 300 page textbook very tedious. No search function either. Other apps like Goodviewer are really solid when it comes to manuevering your PDF and setting preferences. This appears to be very rigid. Clearly someone at CFAI is the brother of the owner of this Noteview thing. Why they would charge for such a lame ebook version using terrible proprietary software is beyond me.

I’m considering getting an iPad for this but am on the fence because the LCD screen seems like it may be difficult to read for extended periods of time, especially since the official ebook is not very high in resolution. Additional feedback is appreciated.