VitalSource questions

Hello all,

I am probably going to resit the exam in June 2015 and am looking for a way to print out of VitalSource. Online, is exports the file as a picture and its barely readible, its online zoom has two settings - too big for any screen or too small to read even with a microscope. If I try to export to a pdf file so I could print it at a place that wont cost me an arm and a leg, it freezes ( sending it to One note ). Direct printing limits me to 100 pages and I cant get any discount on such quantity plus have to bring my notebook to the printing place. Their technical support seems unreachable, I tried several times with no luck, last time I waited for about 2 hours while I watched the Champions league game, no signs of life there.

I`ve had a very hard time studying from this piece of software and would really like to try some alternative, best being hard paper to read from. Is there any workaround to make it more usefull, or at least to fix the slow scrolling and resolution issues of the desktop version?


buy the physical books?

This was the first thought I got even before to post on here but I found them priced at £60 and above which is more than the cost of printing, moreover, the ones from 2014 were usually above 100 quid. I managed to isolate the issue with the slow scrolling ( well, to some extent ) by using the hand tool. It still introduces lagging even if I run it on a pretty fast notebook but better than the sluggish side scroll. Still looking for a solution as I am experiencing resolution issues and VitalSource support seems non-existent in these days.

Do you not think the several hours that it’s going to take you to print the curriculum in its entirety is worth £60+

Just buy the books buddy.

Here’s what I’ve done personally. I’m saving up the price of the physical books, in case I need to buy/print Schweser too.

Download NitroPDF

In VitalSource, print>Nitro>Preferences (A4, Large print size)

Combine small PDFs in Nitro

Crop top/bottom

Print in Nitro another PDF>Adjust for cropping with A4 size


You have loads of time before the exam. Spend an evening idenfying the relevant end of chapter questions and answers then print while you have a couple of beers and watch the TV.

No need to print the whole curriculum. I only used the End of Chapter questions at L3 glad I printed them + saved me looking at any other CFAI materials.

Is a bit of a ball ache but when you are stressed in May next year you will be glad you did.