VitalSource removed screenshots

Hello everyone,

I use a Mac and the application VitalSource Bookshelf to read the CFA books and also use MS Word to take notes. To my surprise, I noticed that the new version of VitalSource Bookshelf won’t allow me to take screenshot of any chart/graphs from CFA books (the book page basically disappears from the screenshot). Another thing I do a lot, is when correcting exercises, instead of scrolling up an down at the same time, I take a screenshot of the answers and just split my screen between answers and questions.

Did anyone else notice this? Do you have a workaround?

I feel like I paid for these books, therefore I should have the right to take any screenshot I want to illustrate my notes…



The issue might not be in VitalSource. I use Windows and I have no issues taking screen shots/ using the snipping tool


Yes it is not VitalSource. The issue seems to be the update of your Mac OS to the “Mojave” version. That is when it stopped working for me.

I have not figured out a workaround apart from copy pasting the text in a Word doc.

so it’s okay to copy then paste stuff from VS to word but cant print? i didnt know that and i might try it

It works in Mojave. Check Accessibility permissions.