Vol 1 Exam 3 *Spoiler

For the first question where it describes the lady who was fired and had a 3000000 portfolio. How is her willingness to take risk below average? I realize she says that she likes the reduced volatility that will be offered by the new stock, but it gives no measure of volatility. Maybe to her 30% loss is perfectly fine. I chose that she had above average willingness given that she has 2.25M of her port in her company stock and the rest of her portfolio is in equities, 100% equity allocation and they are trying to tell me she has BELOW AVERAGE willingness to take risk? At Windsor week they said that you should always look at what the investor actually does (or their holdings) to gain insight into their willingness. Anyone care to show me the light as to how this could rationally be observed as below average willingness to take risk?