Vol1 Ethics P152

P152 Q4 why B is not selected? if prior approval is needed. why the answer in Q26 is B, in Q26, it says rose is free to sell his holding once firm is informed. but in Q4, it can be infered that personal investment must be prior approved. for example, if I join a broker, I want to buy some stock in another country, do I inform the company or do i need their approval? P156. Q19, why B is correct, if B is correct, then every time analyst needs to pay travel expense, I think one flight ticket will cost them half of the salary, in Q31, it says conference expense paid by host firm, why in Q19, it is not allowed, text is confusing P176, Q73, why C is not selected? the two guys are classmate, it will affect independence, isn’t it, it should be disclosed right? P178 Q80, why C is not selected? we should give non-discretionary accounts equal opportunity as discretionary account, isn’it? P178 Q81, if we have two accounts, one discretionary and the other non-discretionary, and IPO is oversubscribed, should we allocate to discretionary only? P178 Q82, why procedure 2 is not correct? why we ca’t provide duplicate confirmation for verification? P238, Q1, why B and C is not correct? we need to report violations, this is basic, isn’t it? P238 Q2, why A and B is not correct? we need to keep corp governance, isn’t it? P239 Q12, why A is not correct? we should apply on firm wide, isn’t it? P239, Q14, why C is not correct, can our outside work interfere with regular work? P263 Q5, why C is not selected? in P262, trade allocation, black mentions interest will be credited to accounts wrongly allocated, does “credit” means “deducted”? why debited from those accounts that should have received shares, for those shares, why do we give them interest, if you get share allocation, you hust pay the price, where to get additional interest income? P290, Q9, the answer says " as this is a discretionary(not pension)…" but text only mention it is separate account, it doesn’t equal to discretionary account, isn’t it? if it is a discretionary account, then fund manager has the right to direct to less-than-optimal trading venue not the client, again, this is self-contradictory ?

I’ll get right on these…

can anyone answer my questions above? thanks