Volume 1 p75...

I don’t understand this statement: ----- Moreover, the employer is entitled to have full knowledge of compensation / benefit arrangements to assess the true cost of the services members or candidates are providing. ---- how to understand this statement? I am truly amazed looking at all 5th grade English but still cannot make any sense out it.

that employer should be aware of explicit and implicit compensation to asses the true cost

this is w.r.t. to the additional compensation arrangement. still doesn’t make sense why this is a prerequisite to assess true cost. shouldn’t the salary they are paying the true cost incurred to keep this guy?

Say they are paying somebody 100K for full time work (2000hrs per year). But he is got some other gig going on the side. The firm is effectively paying 100K for < 2000hrs.

am i free to be a paid strip dancer for 5 hours a day as long as it’s my spare time?

You are free to do whatever you want. The example here would be conflicting with his current employer.