Volume 2 - 2006 actual exam questions

I am wondering how people did on the actual 2006 exam questions (there are 96 total questions) in the practice vol 2 book. Did you think it was harder than the Schweser exams? I actually thought the actual exam was harder than the Schweser practice vol 1 exams. My scores said it too since I’ve been scoring pretty consistently in the 73% range on Qbank and vol 1 Exam 1am/pm and 2am/pm, but apparently bombed this one (low 60s?!?) I am scared, very scared. Hopefully it was a fluke.

Haven’t done it yet. Are all the questions still in the 08 syllabus? If not that’s you’d need to add back marks for any questions not required. I found the Dec 07 L1 exam much easier than Schweser (esp am) and am hoping its the same this time with level 2.

Dude that is what I thought, and that is why I was shocked to feel it was harder than Schweser. I wonder if they just threw in the most complicated questions from the actual 06 exam. It seems like all the questions were pretty relevant still…nothing stood out to me. I bombed ethics 6/12…weird.

i got about a combined 72 yesterday…was pretty happy as it was my highest practice score yet. it was fairly straightforward but i got nailed on ethics (50).

Are these the actual CFAI 2006 exams?


A subset of, not the whole exam. Joker, they are the same questions that are found at the end of some chapters in CFAI text…they’ll be market 2006 CFA Exam question (or something like that).