Volume of info

I am going to register for L3 soon and was just curious if anyone can give me a high-level comparison of how much material there is on L3 vs. L1/L2. I ask because it seemed as though the books for the first two exams were roughly similar as far as the number of pages, etc. i also recall seeing a coworkers old L3 Scheweser books from a few years back and they looked much thinner / shorter than prior study packages. Im sure length has little to do with difficulty, but i am curious either way.

Less material, far more difficult testing format

thanks, itercom! You made my day!!!

as if, level 2 wasn’t enough to test the format!

Just being sarcastic…thanks for letting us know!!!

Less material, and your focus should be understanding the concepts and the application of material. Its not much harder TBH, its just different. That having been said, the questions are less predictable than L2 was.

Dont sweat this too much - just make sure you fully understand the concepts (since there wont be 1-2 marks on it - important concepts can be worth 10-20 pts). Take the time to understand things, and L3 wont be the hell that people make it out to be.

Also, make sure to do practise exams - the format is different and you dont want to be blind-sided.