Volumes 6 and 2 ... please tell me it gets better in between

Hey guys,

I started with volume 6 and now am halfway through volume 2 and so far…holy f**k that stuff is boring.

Between performance attribution, GIPS, taxes and estate planning, I just want to shoot myself.

Looking forward to capital market stuff, equities, FI and derivs.

Capital market is slow moving too, very slow moving. Good thing is - give it the time it deserves, it pays you back in kind; unlike GIPS etc.

FI, Derivatives and Risk management are good… Good luck :slight_smile:

Read volume 6 if you’re having trouble sleeping at night. Works like a charm…

FI / Derivatives was a refreshing read but i’m afaird it still wasn’t that interesting…

The Volume 6 book of Level III is the worst book in the entire CFA curriculum.

Just keep your eye on the prize.

It doesn’t get a whole lot better I’m afraid. The finish line is close though!

I was hoping for responses like “just wait for volume X, it’s awesome!” !


Good thing I started with volume 6 then. Can’t imagine doing that in April.

For some reason I find volume 2 worse. That estate planning. Them taxes. At least the behavioral stuff is interesting, I guess.