Vote for those writing L2 in June next year


should anyone fail this time, he can (in theory) still seat the L2 june 2009 exam…

I will vote for: strange map D’art Dreary cpk pepp(if he finishes the material, that guy memorizes the crap outta what he reads!)

cpk is LEVEL II candidate already:)

then I guess i was right lol :slight_smile:

hmmm… don’t know if for this june, but I think he’s gonna take it right in about a week, this year:))

ouch… you telling us that you think he’ll fail level 2 and have to right it in 09 again? that’s just mean :slight_smile: you can do it cpk! don’t worry about getterdone!!! jk

lol I didn’t know he was a L II, but i guessed he would pass and I was right! so far I am 1/1, which is good news for you map if I keep that streak going