Vote of thanks

Okay so this is my last post here at AF before I take the L2 on Saturday. Tomorrow’s gonna be a very light day…only formula review. Just wanted to thank everyone at AF for the help, discussions and mental madness over the past weeks…it’s been great fun! See ya all on the other side, and all the best - may we all be L3 candidates for 2012!!


i wish for the same. gl to everyone, we deserve the best

same here. thanks to everyone whose helped me so far. I’ll need the help next year too…

100% pass rate!

Best of luck to everyone…we have all sacrificed alot to this point and deserve to pass…best wishes to everyone on the exam date!!

Best of luck one and all.

yeah thanks all. I am very negative irght now with the exam, but if i have to take this next year too, i swear I WILL CRUSH IT!!

May Allah, Jesus, Bishnu, L Ron Hubbard, Zeus, Yaweh, Yoda, and Oprah Winfrey help us all on this

thanks to the good ppl here

Hey when does AF shut down anyways? Just wondering since exams start at different times.

IM GOING TO FAIL… but best of luck to everyone!

Do not say that!!! Think positively. Stranger things have happened than guessing right enough times in a row to pass. hmmmm…imagine if they made every answer a.

All the best fellow mates … may we all crack this one :slight_smile:

Good luck to you guys!

Good luck everyone …

Thanks everyone at AF, you really helped me get thru a dark period. All the posts re: CFAI 2011 mock errata, etc., were very insightful. Great site. Wish I found it last year. Best of luck, and smash this thing!

Good luck everyone. (P^3+P^3P=P^2*P^2) Proper Preparation Prevent Pi$$ Poor Performance… we have done our part now lets pass this exam.

Good luck everybody … guess this forum will be read only in a while … :slight_smile:

I’m feeling strange. Tomorrow’s the big day. I am prepared, or not? Tomorrow I’ll know. Thanks everybody. Think positive and let’s all get back here in a few months to celabrate, i hope! Good luck. Merde! (french)