Voters are weird

December general election polls show voters prefer Rubio or Cruz to Hillary Clinton, and Clinton leads Trump by an average of 2%. What’s going on here…

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Perhaps Hillary’s a jerk, Trump’s a bigger jerk, and Rubio and Cruz are lesser jerks.

But it could be something else.

I think it’s that Hillary is a woman.

Perhaps it’s the Condorcet Paradox in action.

The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter. — Winston Churchill.

Yet the democracy is the only way to get that voter educated

I don’t believe any of trump’s poll numbers. A lot of closet trump voters that wouldn’t show up in polls. Not me though, im fine telling everyone I’m voting Trump…because FUCK YOU, politicians.

No, they just vote for whatever appeals to them in the moment. The average voter, and person, resists understanding the issues that matter unfortunately.

Honestly I’d rather have Rubio or Cruz in office anyday over Clinton or Trump.