VP to Principal investment interview - modelling


I’m a VP in credit risk. I’m now in an interview process on the buyside, principal investment, solar renewables. It’ll be an internal sideways move for me, so i know their people, and they know my people.

Cleared the first round which was a 45 min chat with the VP. He seems pretty good.

Now they want me to do an excel modeling test for 1hr. My excel is a bit rusty.

I asked him what the test would be on and he said it’s not a 15 tab model, only a short form, which is suspect will mean 3-4 tabs. He’s deleted some of the formula on interest calc, IRR, inflation adjustments which need to be completed. It’s probably going to harder than he lets on.

Anyway, any tips for preparing? I would much rather be way over prepared than slightly under. And i’m will to put in a good 3-5 days worth of effort into this.

Also, i should add, my corp finance is rusty as f u ck, and i’m not used to analyzing corporate, or projects. I’m a FIG banker.


Ok, so i figured i should just smash through some youtube vids and a course:

Corporate finance institute: 3 statement models and Excel crash course. (3-4hrs)

Some videos on corporate finance, (3-4hrs)

Training the street - comprehensive modeling - 18hrs and $200 down.

I think I would be set with that… damn if i fail after doing those then i am a proper dumbass.

To bad you didn’t end up “sideways” with the Asian chick, amiright??

Anyway, did he say this specifically?

"He’s deleted some of the formula on interest calc, IRR, inflation adjustments which need to be completed. It’s probably going to harder than he lets on. "

This is CFA stuff - maybe you can review the Schweser cheat sheet or something. I’d expect the math won’t be that hard, relatively speaking. If you’re doing complicated math for solar investments, I think you’d be overcomplicating the model. It seems like you should be on top of basic fixed income and interest rates topics though.

Yes, he specifically said something similar to the above.

I’ll have a read of FI cheat sheets, damn i wish i remembered all that stuff.

this aint it chief

No not that one. I’m London remember.

I got a bit more intel, the internal recruiter said i will be working on a solar model that has been used before. I need to look at it, present my finding etc…


  1. Read model, present findings.
  2. Looks for the dud formula, likely to be interest calc, IRR, inflation adjustments.
  3. Solar model, with a few tabs… not the full 15 tab.

Lucky thing is, there is a solar model saved in a folder that i found. I’ll take a look at the financials first, make sure i understand it Doesn’t look too hard, CFADS, interest paid vs expensed… But coz i’m a bit sh i t at this stuff i need to read it and practice

“This is a career track position with highly competitive compensation in the short term and equity participation over the longer term. Highly qualified candidates must have a quantifiable track record of success as measured by an SAT of 1400 or better or an ACT score of 30 or better and an undergraduate GPA over 3.5/4.0 from a top college or university. Please submit your resume in Word along with SATs (broken out) / ACT scores and undergraduate GPA to our website. All inquiries will be treated confidentially.”

Is this a joke? What is their definition of “top college or university” that admits people with 1400 SAT?

the sat has changed btw.