VSE -- A Major Ethanol Producer Files for Chapter 11

Wonder if this is a start for the other ethanol producers to follow suit. But BO winning the election may have a totally different outcome.

Good - maybe we can get rid of this stupid idea soon.

Nope, the “Messiah” is likely going to be against tax credits for Ethanol.

cosan is the only decent ethanol play - CZZ

FINforLIL Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Nope, the “Messiah” is likely going to be against > tax credits for Ethanol. Through his speeches and interviews, the “great one” came across to me as supporting the ethonol producers. But then again, after election, prior speeches and interviews don’t have the same meaning. They are like forward looking statements issued by companies during their earnings conference call – valid only for the moment they are issued.

Sentiment is against ethanol credits. He has been briefed not to push their extension if he wins, however, that will be the decision of what will continue to be the worst Congress in history.

and goldman drops ethanol sector coverage… wtf?! http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601110&sid=a8Lwmx7mBspI `We continue to believe the outlook for ethanol producers is challenged,’’ the analysts said in the note. ``We believe this weak margin environment, coupled with the financial difficulties of producers, will keep downward pressure on ethanol shares.’’