Wager for Itera

So in a bid to do god’s work and rid this place of you for good, I have a bet for you. If I get above 70 on every topic (AM & PM) next year you leave this forum forever. Not a peep, not a different username, nothing! If I don’t I’ll fly to NYC and wear a sandwich board that says Itera rocks, similar to the movie Die Hard.

How about it?

^ You are really in love with Itera!

I’m just a man trying to clean up the streets

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How about the rusty hacksaw if you dont get all >70?

How about the rusty hacksaw?

itera has been helpful on many occasions, never seen anything offensive from him, don’t know why AF people dislike him

^ tyler is one of those people that hates on anyone who says things that are true but hard to hear. he feels that it gives him power.

What’s wrong with itera please, OP? Please remind us.

I am a little bit disappointed that you bother to show up in this thread

Damn tyler…you are seriously gay for Itera…not even joking, this thread was a serious cry for “Itera, I want to suck on your D.”



WAIT…tyler, you failed this year and bet him you’d get >70% on every section AM and PM next year…you really just want an excuse to fly up to NY dont you? What’s your deal dude? I already thought this thread was stupid…but damn.

but wait again, what if some one else wants to do something more stupid if tyler is able to get >70% in every subject?

I think he’s toned down the harshness recently. Most of the time now it’s just much needed doses of reality dished out to all those who can’t find the search function.

I kind of like these rivalries. Otherwise, it’s just a bunch of dorks asking when to start and how many hours to put in.

yo Tyler, you are a magnet, and Itera is your steel. I am in your corner btw Tyler.

^ thats just the appeal of the underdog. tyler got a gaza thing going for him

itera did the dirty to tylers sister