Wait...the exam was LAST Saturday?

Oh man…


It’s not even a week and I think I forgot many things already.

if true, then a big ha ha to you.

troll +2

I thought it’s tmr?!!

Sheesh, don’t you guys have a sense of humor? I’m taking my talents to the Level I forum.

I thought it was rather funny. Sadly, unless you mention hacksawing something on this forum, you are unlikely to get a positive response. The simpleton’s here would much rather laugh it up to bland vulgarities (think Chris Farley, Tyler Perry) as opposed to true comedy.

I don’t think it’s hacksawing something, I think there’s a very specific something that is supposed to be hacksawed.

Although Chris Farley is hysterical.

Not true, a good example is that everything you say is so full of crap it’s always rather hilarious enough as it is.

Sure thing dolt!