Waiting and waiting for contract

Hi All, I got offered a job at a big 4 accounting firm doing transfer pricing. Really excited about it and can’t wait. Problem is I spoke to them on tuesday, of last week, and the partner said it would take a few days for them to get the contract together and they would send it to me. It is tuesday a week later now and I havent got it. What should I do I;m concerned? I thought of calling today, but dont want to be a bother. Also I am not sure what my start date is so want to know already so I can plan my travel around it. Why is it talking so long!!!>??? Maybe I should wait to see if it comes in the mail tomorrow and if not give them a call? Thanks

Don’t sweat it too much. They’re probably busy. Give it a few more days and follow up with a short note. Something along the lines of “I haven’t seen the package, blah, I wanted to make sure it was delivered to the right price, blah. Send it or I’LL USE MY DEATH RAY ON YOU.” then use the death ray.

Great advice, wear can i obtain said death ray?

duh, the death ray store. kidding aside, i’d use the ‘i wanted to make sure that it wasn’t delivered to the correct address’ line or something similar. they’ll get the drift and update you one way or another.

HR is slow in big organizations and they usually are the people who pump out the offers - its all gravy, youre fine

Well the good news is it seems they still want me, since I got an email today asking for my copy of my work permit (im working in scandinavia and Im australian). Still waiting for them to send the actual thing already so I can see when they would like me to start and how much Im going to earn.