Waiting for Position Approval

How long have you guys had to wait for a company to get a position approved through their corporate office? I’m sure considering the lean times it takes a bit longer than usual, but after having final interviews and being assured I’m their candidate and they want to make an offer I’m wondering how long could this potentially take. Its been only about 3 weeks and they’ve reassured me a couple times but they can’t give me a set timeline. I’m probably going to have to continue to job search even though I think this position would be a great fit. Luckily I have a job now, its just hard to deal with such uncertainty with this new job and when or if it will be approved. I don’t think its the number one priority for the corporate office so could I be sitting here in another month and a half hearing the same thing? Any insight would be a great help.

I would say 4 weeks at tops. If they really wanted you, it would have taken them one to two weeks to give you official offer…and then it takes a while for the paper works etc (2-3weeks). I would move on and not depend on them. Good luck!

yeah 4-5 weeks tops. depends on what company. sometimes the bigger companies are slower (ie. mine with 380,000 people)

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