Waiting period after the second round interview

I had my second round (and final) interview for a PE position on July 24 and they told me that they would get back to me within two weeks with a decision. Last week (which was the third week) after not hearing from them, I emailed one of the VPs who interviewed me to follow up and see if he needed any addtional info. That was last Thurs and he never got back to me. This is the fourth week now and I still haven’t heard anything. The problem is that I need to renew my 2009 apt lease in Boston next week (the position is in NY) and would like to know if I get this job or not by next week at the latest. Would it be ok to email (or perhaps call?) the other VP who interviewed me sometime this week as a follow up? I don’t want to send too many emails (or sound desperate) but I also need to know if I’m staying in Boston or moving out of my current place. There was no HR person involved so the only contacts I have are the 2 VPs (one of the VPs also conducted the phone interview). I would appreciate if you guys could suggest what I should do here. This is just really frustrating and I’m on some serious time constraints. Thanks.

any suggestions on what I should do?

Definitely call. I am facing the exact same situation, but of a shorter duration. I was in final round interviews with a firm and they said they would let me know in a week or 1.5 weeks. It’s been over 3 weeks now, and still no word. I’ve left two messages in the last week and they won’t even bother to call me back. I think they are trying to close the deal with someone else but don’t want to tell me and don’t want me to move on, either. But frankly, this is pretty unprofessional, so I am not sure I even want to work at this firm any more. At this point, I am just moving ahead with other firms. It seems like half the firms in our industry are real turds when it comes to hiring. I mean, really, do they think I am going to wait around forever? Just return my call and let me know where we stand.

I agree, I feel like they’ve offered the position to someone else and waiting for the other candidate to accept/decline before they get back to me. All I want is for them to atleast tell me that they’ll get back to me but they have completely ignored me which is so frustrating. I guess I’ll shoot the other VP an email on Thurs and see if he replies. I just hope I find out before I have to sign my lease.

I had a similar situation but to make it worse, I had been given a verbal offer and told all the details subject only to checking references, It was three weeks before they contacted the references and almost four weeks before I actually received the offer. I had started wondering if the written offer was actually going to come.

Don’t email – call. It’s harder to ignore a call. If you get voicemail, tell them about your lease and that you will have to move on shortly if they don’t get back to you.


Yea I probably didn’t get it but they should atleast let me know that I was rejected instead of completely ignoring me. Bromion, I agree that a call is harder to ignore but I don’t want to send the wrong message by bugging them with calls. But given that they didn’t respond to my first email, I might have to call. I would love to get this position so I don’t want to do anything that would jeopardize the situation.

I’m all for not annoying them to the point that you lose the job, but you need to respect yourself as well. Clearly, they are not respecting you, so it’s up to you to get the respect deserve. You have a decision to make and they are not responding, so up the anty a little (politely) and if they still ignore you, then you know what to do. At least you won’t be left thinking, “What if I had called?”

yea I guess I just need to suck it up and call them and get over with it. Thanks for your help

If I was you, I’d move on with other opportunities. The ball is on their court. If you contact them again you’re going to look desperate and they’ll know you’ll take whatever they offer you. They already know you want the position. Pretend like you didn’t get anything and move on with you life. If they offer you somehting you want to accept, then you’ll deal with cancelling the lease of your apartment or something.

nbkn9xu Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > yea I guess I just need to suck it up and call > them and get over with it. Thanks for your help Since you used the term “suck it up”, are you the type who prefer to email rather than call? I would say, from my limited experience on the street, speak to the guy directly is the best way to get business done, wether selling a deal or a stock or yourself. I once worked on a deal, and my director asked me to stay in touch with the client, sort of holding hands since we are having a diffifult time selling it. So I emailed the guy just to say hi. My director would questioning me why I don’t call, and he would make sure I speak to the client directly, rather than “hiding behind a screen”, to quoting his words. My director is the old Wall Street type, and he is on the phone all day. And try a few times, don’t leave message. Because if you do, and they don’t get back, you are stuck.

But does it make me look desperate if I call them as latincfa pointed out? I know the position is a lot better than my current one but I also don’t want to just seem like I’ll take whatever they offer me (which I’m sure will still be a better offer than what I make now).

Look, just call the guy. It’s not desperate, it’s a case of information exchange. They may not have got back to you because they have other priorities, like work. They are probably busy putting deals together. There are a lot of assumptions you & others are making. You will find the answer out when you call them. A call puts you in direct contact. An email is a one way communication channel with little emotive value. A friendly call is a friendly call. Explain if you have to your predicament. The guy who is your potential future boss is just another person. Don’t sweat it. Just call them.

Calling them and enquiring is by no means an indication that you are going to accept any offer they throw at you. You deserve an answer Call them and let them know of your lease situation which could potentially accelerate their feedback.

looks like most of you agree that calling is the best idea so I just gave them a call and after a couple of times of no answer, left a voice mail. Hopefully I’ll hear from them soon.

Many people are taking vacations right now because kids are headed back to school in another couple weeks. Perhaps the decision maker is out of town. Just another thoughtful assumption to add to your unease. I do wish you luck, though!

Similar situation. I was interviewing for a PM job locally, and knew that there were three other candidates. I interviewed with three people from the department, and felt good about how well I performed. In closing with the hiring manager, I asked how long it would be before they made a decision. She said that she wanted to wrap up the process before going on vacation in two weeks. I was thinking that I would hear a call within at the most one week. Well, no call for the next five weeks. Then, some HR lady calls and says how sorry they were that they didn’t get back to me. Needless to say, no offer. It’s pretty bad out there right now, and the employers hold all of the cards.

Given that the labor day is around the corner, I probably shouldn’t expect to hear from them before that. Hopefully my landlord will let me hold off on signing the lease just in case I end up getting the offer.

You are hugely desperate to find out the outcome as evidenced by your posts here, so like everyone has already said, you should just call them and ask for your status. I can assure you that your call won’t move the needle with HR. As I see it, there are two possible scenarios: (1) you are their top candidate and they don’t want to lose you, or (2) you are simply not what they are looking for, they have a billion other things to worry about, and your calling them will be a minor annoyance at most. Frankly, it sounds like you are not their candidate of choice, but how will you know if you don’t call?