Wall Street Journal online edition

Hi guys, I have a subscription to WSJ online, but I was wondering if there is somewhere where you can actually download a replication of the newspaper like you can for FT. I’m sick of changing the website address to look at individual pages in PDF form after clicking the “What’s News” link

This is as close as I have found, but it doesn’t list every article: http://online.wsj.com/public/page/us_in_todays_paper.html

WSJ needs to step its game up. Actually, I think it’s a deliberate move on their part since I can get WSJ Europe and WSJ Asia online newspapers through my PressReader account. I guess WSJ US (the most sought-after paper) doesn’t want anyone copying the pages if they can help it, although you can manually change the URL addresses of the ‘front pages’ PDFs and access them.