Wall Street Prep

Anyone use this or anything like it? I could stand to really learn a bit more about actual equity valuation valuation (I invest in real estate which is a little more art form than science). Yay or Nay? Worthwhile. I can expense it, so I’m not even that worried about the cost, but just don’t feel like wasting money on something that isn’t very useful.

i actually did the financial modeling bootcamp in NYC a couple of weeks ago. for someone with zero modeling experience it was helpful. if you can expense it, i would def go for it. the instructors are generally people with experience in the industry and pretty smart overall. the guy who taught the one i went to worked as an analyst for metals and mining and completed all three levels. the only thing that you have to be wary of it that they assume that you have zero knowledge about valuation. so if you’ve done L2, a lot of the theoretical stuff you will know cold and will feel reptitive (things like FCFF, FCFE, DDM, difference between cash and accrual accounting) pretty good for me overall, since like i said zero experience. but if you have some modeling skills/training (think IB, or PE) not sure if it’s worth it.

I have friends who took the Wall Street Prep course this past year. like ^^ said, if you have a basic knowledge of valuation, you likely won’t gain much. From what they told me, it didn’t really have anything to do directly with valuation, it was more building models than anything else. Again, that’s just what I heard. I’m pretty good at modeling so I didn’t see the value in paying for it.

I bought the study at home package. I find it frustrating because the computerish instructions are not clear and I couldn’t get far into it. I called the help line and they informed me they offer telephone tutoring for $200/hr. I asked how many certificate takers end up using the tutoring - they said one quarter. Makes me strongly suspect they make it “glitchy” to earn extra revenue with the tutoring.

Like most have said, it’s a good course for basic knowledge if you have none. Good quality materials.