Wall Street Warriors

Has anyone bought the rights to the third season yet? That was a great show.

Here’s season 2 if anyone is wondering what I’m talking about. Makes me want to be a broker


What channel is this on?

i like the hot classy blonde babe in the first season…second season was stupid…

The d-bag brokers were funny in season 2 though. I can’t believe anyone would give those guys their money. Nobody is going to pick up season 3 now, it was filmed 4 years ago. They should just post that sh!t on Hulu or something…

Have you all seen the Brittish documentary Million Dollar Traders? Some guy hires about 15 random people to start trading $1 million of his own money (as if that were a lot of money).


Is that Richard Denis and Bill Eckhardt’s experiment with the Turtle Traders? Most of them did quite well.

This is different, but the premise sounds similar. The whole 3 hr documentary is posted on youtube.