Wallaby -- Credit Card Maximization

For those of you who try to earn the highest rewards/cash back on all purchases through an arsenal of credit cards in your wallet, check out this app and beta card:



The app tells you which card in your wallet to use at the business your at. The beta card when released will actualyl crunch the numbers and automatically send the charge to the right card to maximize rewards.


Is a wallaby kinda like a womprat?

I used to bullseye womprats in my T-16 back home, and they’re not much larger than two meters.

I think Coin has talked about integrating a feature like this.

I use a really technologically advanced method for this. It’s called reading the information that comes with the card and remembering it. It’s really challenging, only us top tier BSDing, CFA and almost CFA people can do it successfully.

To be fair, if you have a couple different cards with rotating categories it might be a tad more difficult.

I do that too. But it’s a lot of upkeep for me wtih my ~20 cards.

I just set this app up and it’s sick. It has cards suggested for any type of business nearby. Most of it I already knew, however the convienience and simplicity will make my life easier.

I got burned at the bar last night when I tried to pay with my Discover IT card to get 5% cash back, they didn’t take Discover, so I had to use a regular 1% cash back. This app would have saved me as it also notes if AMEX/Discover are accepted at various merchants.

Wow. Jeez. You have to carry a man purse for that many cards?

^ nah, I keep most at home and carry a few at a time. If I travel, I have a set of travel cards I use. The others are at home or in my wallet depending on the 5% rotating category. And there are several that rarely get put to use outside of online transactions. I abuse CC for the free rewards.

Do you need to pay any annual fees on your 20 cards? That’s a ton of monitoring and what not too, yikes. I roll two cards.

See, CFAvsMBA is on the hustle. No way it’s easy if you are truely maximizing. Well maybe if you don’t have travel expenses. But still, I have a lot of credit cards with rotating categories. Then I use US Bank Cash + to fill in vacancies. And additionally, EVEN if you could memorize it the same store can be coded differently at different locations. Walmarts can be grocery stores (which get grocery store rewards) or super center (which don’t.) There are five Wal-Marts around me and Wallaby knows which is coded which, giving a different card for each. I used to manually check this on my phone through Visa’s system, but it’s a lot of work

Nope. I use mint and credit karma to monitor.

you’re a long way from Tatooine, kid.

Someone will hack this Wallaby, you wait and see. That’s how this stuff plays out.

The app isn’t linked to your accounts. And my cards are 0 fraud protection – just takes 2 days for a new one to get mailed.

I thought a wallaby was a type of english loafer rocked by members of the wutang clan

Ahh… so the app just tells you what card to use? I thought there was going to be one Wallaby CC that automatically charges the right account? Oh well. Then no risk.

They are – seperate products. Also, you can link the app to your cards so it tracks when you reach the ceiling of rewards per quarter for each card. But it isn’t a requirement.