Wallstreet Prep-Not Reputable

This pertains to my purchase of the Excel Crash Course available on www.wallstreetprep.com. I would recommend against the purchase of this material (and any other material) from WSP as their service and refund policies are not client oriented. The material does not function properly and in getting assistance, they were extremely unhelpful and have rejected my request for a refund. Considering the fact that the product is defected, a refund should not be of question. I hope others take notice and be cautious of doing any form of business with Wallstreet Prep.

should’ve went with wall st training

considering the fact the product didn’t even work and their business is based a lot on “word of mouth”, i can’t see why they would hold out for “39.00”. I think if the senior people heard about this, they would give me a refund, but its those support reps that type back emails with me that have neglected my concerns completely. btw, i was never able to contact anybody by phone after repeated emails. bottom line is, you buy their product, you’re risking your time and money in my opinion. Its just not worth it. Even adult websites refund charges if similar accusations were made. stay away from Wallstreet Prep.

Thanks for the heads up. I won’t be using them in the future.

I have to disagree. I’ve had a great experience with their product…its easy to follow and very informative (im taking the $200 package). Frank - What exactly is the problem? In the package I received there wasn’t much software only 2 excel spreadsheets. The book that was provided gives a step by step reference for how to create the model, and the spreadsheets are basically the completed version of the model. In my package both spreadsheets were the same only one was for a later version of excel that was not available with my cpu. Are you sure that your problem isnt related to the newer version with excel???

I’m referring to the Excel Crash Course which is a supplement option. It cost 39.00. As per my original post, I only mentioned my experience with the Excel Crash Course. However, if I get ripped off on one product, who is to say that it won’t happen for another product. I just wanted to let you guys know this. Ultimately, its your choice, i just wanted to share my experience with the rest of you.

I’ve only heard good things about the Wall Street Prep package. (the big 500 dollar one though) Deal maven certification I/II is nice, but a little too simple.

I did the crash course and then the two other ones, I forget the names, on valuation and modelling, spent over 500…nothing but good things to say… the crash course was exactly as advertised and when I had a problem with a password access to an excel template they were pretty prompt…dunno what they did to u …at my i-banking interviews all the associates and analysts said it was good and it was what they used so you must have been a one in 100 case.

Don’t know about the product you purchased… No problems here with the financial & valuation modelling… $500… loving it!

ca-cbv-cfa, which ones have you heard used by IB other than WSP, deal maven? Which banks use WSP?

Big thumbs up for WSP too. Sorry they are being jacka$$es about the return.

Frank - can you dispute the charge with your credit card company?

Royal Bank of Canada, CIBC world markets had some people I talked to who had it by their desks and they said they found it very helpful, dunno if its part of their program. One scotia guy said he did it as well.

Is anyone looking to sell their materials? I’m interested in the premium package but really can’t afford the $500 price after just shelling out $1400 for Level II stuff. If you have them and are willing to unload them for a reasonable price e-mail me at andy.krukiel@gmail.com