Walter White vs Rusty Cohle

I have seen both these shows and think both are fantasic but was expecting McConaughey to win the emmy. Was curious what people’s thoughts were on these two great characters.

Heros of mine, both.

That’s just, like, your opinion, man.

Well played.

The award had to go to WW. He’s one of the most iconic TV figures of all time. Sure, Wooderson was right up there with Malcom’s dad acting-wise, maybe even a hair better, but there’s no way the Academy was going to give a TV award to a cable miniseries character (and an A-list movie star at that) in lieu of the final chance to celebrate Mr. White.

Both characters are fascinating, but it’s not even close that Rust was the better. I generally enjoyed the atmosphere and writing of True Detective more. It seemed more realistic and gritty which displayed through McCon performance. Both characters dealt with similar themes of self-destruction, but Rust’s reason for it were more noble. Overall comparing shows True Detective depiction of crime made Breaking Bad feel like Seasame Street. This is largely due to being on HBO though.

I dont understand the masses’ obsession with Breaking Bad. I dropped that show midway through season 3 due to mediocrity. The main characters were likeable but the plot seemed repetitive and somewhat boring

I dont understand the masses’ obsession with TV series’ period.

Mediocrity ? GTFO.

I don’t believe any show, or movie, ever, has gone in such a depth as far as character complexity is concerned.

The way they portrayed the love / hate / enemy / father-and son relationship between WW and Jesse is a masterpiece.

I used to think like you until I watched Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones.

The thing with TV series is that the level of complexity that can be reached is much greater than in a movie, since they last much longer than 2 hours.

Many events in life are the result of a combination of factors, and people are complex.

For people that like some kind of realism, I think TV-Series are a very good option.

You probably won’t understand this unless you actually do it, but you have to watch from start to end to appreciate it. Starting not at the begining or ending before the end greatly reduces what everyone likes about it.

And man, Breaking Bad had to win. 5 seasons (i think?) of awesomeness and it’s the last shot to win it.

Yes, exactly. Series are getting movie like budgets now and it’s realy amazing. Game of Thrones is amazing for being a TV show

I liked the first seasons of breaking bad better than the last one…it really went out in a fizzle IMO. So anticlimactic. You don’t invent a random villain that close to the endgame.

I rarely watch TV. When I do it is usually old Seinfeld episodes or something to make some background noise. But I watched the first episode of Breaking Bad on Netlix after hearing so much about it and was hooked. I watched all six seasons in a few weeks.

After that I tried watching a couple of the “it” shows like Game of Thrones and True Detective. I didn’t get into either of them and didn’t get past one or two episodes.

I think Breaking Bad went from boring to great to mediocre. I do agree with the complexity of Walter White, but where the show overall fell short for me was its inconsistency. It would have a great complex character like Walter, but others would fall flat. Great idea for a show, but overall cheesy. I think season 3 and 4 were really exciting, but as a whole body of work it was kind of mediocre.

  1. Sterotypical Mexican Cartel (if anyone thinks those non-talking hitman were interesting they’re kidding themselves)
  2. DEA Agent in the Family of the Drug Dealer (saw this on weeds before and for other characters being so complex why is he so one track minded)
  3. Son character who seemed like an afterthought (did he ever drive the plot at all?)
  4. The opening scenes that were fully detached from the episode (I get it there was a plane crash…)
  5. Didn’t seem gritty enough for being about meth. Jessies street friends who were a total joke. Their best muscle was a grandfather… The scariest enemy was a guy who cooked fancy food and drank wine while looking like a nerd.

Disagree with 3. There were some pretty plot-critical breakfast scenes that wouldn’t have occured without Walt Jr.

What was the point of Hank being into minerals?

^I thought it was Tommy who “certainly got those minerals”

It’s official, I like you.

So we could get this line, “Damn it Marie, they’re not rocks! They’re minerals!”

They’re still amazing, 20 years later.