Want to clear up ethics point

I have come across this a couple of times and want to be crystal clear to what the SOPH says about it. I know that the stricter of the laws of the country or code of standards is what you need to follow. What I am trying to understand more clearly is what happens if your employer is from a country of stricter laws than the code of standards, but you live at and your clients are from a country of laws that are less strict than the code of standards, which do you follow? Do you still follow the more strict laws just because your employer is located there or do you follow the code of standards because you live there and your clients are from there? Some of the examples of the SOPH say to follow the law of locality either where the client lives or where business is conducted, but it doesn’t really talk about this example.

i would go with the more stricter rule…

I like to think that whenever you have the strict laws in the equation and it affects your job in any way then its safe to assume that you are supposed to follow them.