warcraft 3 reforged! who wants to get owned by me

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“Nery, please come over and own me with your legendary beast.” -Igor 2020

Yooo dota2 bro. Expand your hero pool. Play pos 1

haha. i mean we could do that. but we’d lose. cuz im ranked as a legend zeus that prolly should be an archon but is really at a crusader level at anything else.

I don’t think that is possible, since people who are like level 80 are antisocial geeks. However, Nery is popular, has a great career, rich, physically fit and all the chicks throw themselves at him. How can someone be so efficient to accomplish these personal and social goals while spending many hours playing games?

  1. wow and dota are different things. dota is like 30 min to an hr a game. so its not much of a time sink. i did play wow and got it to 52. i was also really good at dueling and creating overpowered twinks. i got banned cuz i was running a program that collected market data and cornered the markets.

  2. im not too physically fit right now, but i will be in 3 months for the wedding as i am dieting and exercising. i can prolly lose 30 lbs in that time frame at will. i did it all the time post cfa studies.

  3. the key to accomplish goals is to set them. research about it. create a routine around it. and form a habit.

also the key to being likable, is to excel at all things people like. like kobe!

Bro at 52 just grind BRM ez lvl 60

Ay mjo!!! That’s coming up reeeeeeeeeeaaaalll sooooooooooon!!!

Move more eat less nery.