Wardrobe-Exam Day

I’ve read multiple posts on this website regarding the temperature in the testing faciliites. It’s usually very hot here in the south at the beginning of June and I wanted to know if we can bring jackets to the exam room. (Since I’m sure most of us will be wearing t-shirts for the temps outside) If so, can we hang them on the backs of our chairs or do you have to put it on before the exam starts. When I took the Series 7 we could bring jackets and hang them on the back of the chair and put them on once we got cold. I’m just trying to see how I should handle this for the CFA Level I exam.

I remember shivering my ass off in the Charlotte test site last year. It was no more than 55 degrees in that god awful room. I felt like I was in an asylum. Cold as piss, extra bright flourescent lights, white walls, white floors, white table tops, and absolute silence.

wyantjs, were candidates allowed to bring jackets or sweatshirts?

Sure. This is an finance exam, not CIA interrogation.

Thanks, I’m concerned because of all the things past exam takers have posted regarding “if you fidget or move around too much in the exam room, the test proctors might think you’re cheating.” I don’t want to get a letter in the mail asking me to explain the misconduct when all I was trying to do was stay warm by putting on a jacket.

Don’t sweat the proctors too much. From what I hear they are just dilberts trying to make a few bucks on a Saturday. Most will not go out of their way to screw you.

The proctors will definitely have an eye on you at all times, but they are reasonable people just like me and you. However, one of them did get on my case last year about using a small knife on my key chain to sharpen my pencil. Apparently that is forbidden. In other words…take many pencils, and buy a $1 sharpener. They don’t provide one.