Warning: Be seated by 8:30AM, late people get turned away

I’m on Level 2 but I just wanted to warn those of you taking the CFA exam for the first time. At 8:30AM, a lot of people are seated already. Somewhere between 8:30AM and 9AM, they stop letting people in. I remember being in my seat seeing about 30 people at the entrance being held off by security (it wasn’t even 8:45 yet). The proctors started getting ready, going over the rules, etc. Those people still stood there. The security guards wouldn’t budge. Then the exam booklets were handed out. Slowly the people at the entrance left one by one once they realized they weren’t going to be let in.

The last thing you want to do is travel all that way and do all that studying only to be blocked from taking the test due to tardiness. Don’t be on time. Be early.

That’s a crock… http://www.cfainstitute.org/programs/cfaprogram/exams/Pages/cfa_exam_day_experience.aspx

they’re allowed to enter the exam hall once the timed session has begun.

No it’s not. It happened. Were you there? No. But you go ahead and encourage people to show up at 9:15.

The proctors and security are people who signed up to do this on a Saturday. The pay can’t be great. I’ve seen people being blocked from entering by security guards who think they’re the Secret Service. I’ve seen proctors in one section of the hall tell the test-takers on their side that they can’t have jackets in the hall whereas the proctor on the other side didn’t care what the test-takers were wearing.

You can point links to rules all you want, but the fact of the matter is a test-takers experience on exam day is largely driven by the people in that person’s exam room. What they say goes. You can fight it after the fact, but you’re still screwed.

fully agree with sockruhtese to play of the safe side enter b4 830am before the doors close.

Even if you are allowed in after timed session begins, with all those checks they need to do, you prob won’t hv enough time to complete the papers. Why take the chance? Enough said.

you’d think people that waited so long/studied so much wouldn’t risk a late entry

I will be sitting in the parking garage at my exam center even earlier than 8, as I am for every important event / interview / test. Is my time that morning more important than potentially missing something I’ve worked so hard for? I dont think so.

jokes on you bruh, im actually seated in the exam room right now. I aint takin no chances this year

I’m not encouraging them to show up late… I’m merely stating that they are allowed in the exam in the unfortunate situation they aren’t there prior to 8:30… it’s their own fault for not being there on time. However, it’s also their own fault for not reading the exam day schedule on CFAI’s website. If they had read it they would know that they would be allowed into the exam hall after the timed portion begins.

I wasn’t calling you a liar when i said that it’s a crock. I was calling the situation a crock. either way, IDGAF. I just wanted to let the rookies know that the last 6 months of their lives weren’t wasted in the event they were late.



I don’t think that is what he wants. However, for those who somehow end up with that situation, you ARE allowed to be inside after the exam begins AND it says on the ticket (READ IT). So if the proctors don’t let you in, just shovel the TICKET into their face.