WARNING: Re: ONE WEEK ONLY! Personal Study Notes Posted Again new

Lets forget all misunderstandings. Those who have been benifited from Omars must have words of appreciation in their mind. If one guy is benifitted from Omars note , I think he should be applauded as a contributor to the forum. Three Cheers to him!! Those who are beng spammed , there might be other reason. I am plainning to sit for L1 December 2011 . Can Any body email me Oars note? Thx

Oh gimme a break, the guy is a great contributor and has probably the highest marks scored in the CFA level 2 mocks in this entire forum. All around quality person in my books. the only one complaining about his notes is True whom i believe just jumped to conclusions rather hastily, no harm done.

I feel all our friends and fellow colleages who raised this dust in the first place should tender an unreserved apology to our exceptional friend and brother Omar. This will help douse the tension the whole episode has created and mantain the spirit of benevolence on the forum. Afterall, more forum members will still request for those notes because they are simply excellent!

I guess I will be the next to ask if Omar’s notes are available or if anyone would be kind enough to share them. It would be greatly appreciated.

pls add me to the list of recipients for his notes for level 1. Omar thanks in advance buddy

Please add me as well to the list of recipients for the notes for Level 1. Thanks a lot!!! Omar, you rock! Thanks for even sharing your notes.

Omer thanks for your notes they were seriously helping for preparation except the one you wrote in your own hand writings it was hard to read Only. I wish they would have done on word. thanks and dont be hyper on such statments of people. if you are wrong, dont care about on these comments by some crakers. you did a fantastic job and I really appreciate candidates like you who knows diffculties on their journey so letting others’ not to hit by them. thanks againnnnnnnnnnn

Does anyone know Omar’s email?

Can his notes be printed or no? I read through them and I found them really good. Thanks

He posted recently on the Level II forum. Send him a private message. His notes were awesome.