Warren Buffet reference in LI books

I believe I remember seeing a reference in the LI books when I studied to Warren Buffet. It may have been in the econ section, I’m not sure. The gyst of it was that one of the bubbles in the late 90’s economy lasted significantly longer than bubbles tradionally last, so long in fact that Warren Buffet who opposed the bullish attitude of that sector even admitted that he may have been wrong in calling it a bubble or forecasting the downfall of the upward trend in growth and the staggering P/E’s on those stocks. I need it for a reference in a minor debate at work, but don’t want to put the time into searching through 3000+ pages of material to find it. So if anyone comes accross it in their studies or knows where it is, please let me know, I’d greatly appreciate it. q.benjamin@gmail.com