Was Clinton the most centrist President of our era?

I saw a poll the other day that mentioned that Bubba Clinton still has a 70% approval rating. That made me think. Was he the most centrist President of our time? I heard Eisenhower was considered a Democrat to Democrats and a Republican to Republicans, so that must have made him a centrist. But since that time, was there a more centrist President than Clinton?

Many would argue that Newt Gingrich pushed him to the center. There’s a valid argument to be made there. Or maybe the combination of peace after the Cold War and economic prosperity makes him seem like a centrist.

I wonder if Clinton would have any success running in today’s polarized world.

Here is how US media works. 5% extremists on both sides is all you see on TV. In reality, 40% vote Republican, 40% vote Democrat, no matter what, and the winning candidate is the one who convinces a majority of the 20% undecided to vote for him. So yes, Clinton would win in a heartbeat. He is smart, handsome, charming, and does not come off as a privileged asshole. That makes him immediately better than Romney, Obama, McCain, Especially “I have a plan” Kerry the Chin and that dumbest motherlover of them all, Bush Junior.

Speaking of Kerry, he delivered a great line the other day:

“Ask Osama bin Laden if he’s better off than he was four years ago,”

Bill Clinton was the most loved US President by Chinese heart

Well, he did play the saxophone.