Was Contacted for a Position by a Company Who's Stock I'm currently Short.

Anyways, an internal recruiter sent me a linked in message about a position that fits my background, saying I seem like an excellent fit (my most recent position description). It was last Tuesday. I wrote back later that day that I would be happy to see the detailed description. He wrote back Wed, and said, email me with resume if you are interested and we’ll find time to speak over the phone about it.

On same day, a few hours later, I emailed him resume and expressed my interest in the position.

No response since then.

So it’s been about a week, what type of follow up should I do?

Thanks guys!

Maybe he’s just filling the recruitment company database with CVs. I still get emails from people in London (where I worked about 7 years ago) saying my CV looks like a perfect fit for some random job.

True. That’s very possible. That’s what I thought after a few days. But it was HR from the actual firm. But yeah, probably right.

Actually dude they are not interested in you. They saw your profile thought there was interest, but when you sent them your resume they decided against you. They aren’t going to be contacting you so move on…

Fck recruiters! Smaller dicks than BOMs like stormy.

Some recruiters rewrite your resume to what they think the company would respond to and more often than not it ends up worse than the version you had originally.

Thanks guys. I’ll keep moving on. 8)

I would generally agree, but 1 week isn’t long enough to totally cut off hope. Go about your biz as if it died.

Send a follow up email with your short confirmation and say you just wanted to update him on what you’ve been up to, see if that sets things into motion. Mutually assured destruction, works all the time, except when it doesn’t.

Not a coincidence. Just messing with your mind. They knew you were short, and wanted to send a little warning. That’s how it’s done.

I’m working with a great recruiter now. Rule of thumb: if the recruiter is under 3 years out of college then they suck for finding higher paying jobs. This is especially true for the big boys (Robert Half, etc.). For them it is a numbers game, and they need to get reqs. and close candidates.

Headhunting is all about the network the recruiter has, and that takes time to develop. The guy I’m talking with has been in the business for close to 30 years and placed my would be managers at two jobs to which he referred me. That moves the needle in my direction compared to somebody off the street.

Just some general info. Obviously in Lockheed’s position it was internal HR so who knows.