was lucky

It was friday evening day before the exam. I was tired and didnt give a s**t about the exam and was watching clips in youtube, but then said to myself that i got to re read some stuff in PM, especially the hardest one topic (i guess you know what mean)

And that was exactly what come on exam. Saved me 4-5 clear points cause i completely forgot these PM formulas.

My hope is to get 65-70%.

i seriously cannot remember what you guys are talking about from PM

I went through my last ( and third) revision of PM 2 hours before the exam … It didn’t make any difference … I can tell you I remembered that stuff 100% but I still found the PM questions to be the toughest part of the exam

I also thought my PM was a strong area…but it seems i screwed it up

Seems like PM has been a go to topic for CFAI for adding curveballs. First time I took the exam, that is previsely where they really agonized candidates. PM too - just when you think you have the last item set to wrap up before getting up and saying F it and lets go have a drink!!