was the afternoon more difficult?

was the afternoon actually more difficult? I’m not that sure. I think I might have just been more tired and the huge amount of adrenaline from the morning which pulled me through the first hour had worn off completely.

Yes, it was.

Yes, agreed. Not only because we were physically tired and suffering from anxiety, the problems themselves were more difficult. Many of them required multiple steps to solve, especially the last few problem of each topic.

those double step, double negative with a least likley f$$#ed with me big time

Yeah, it was significantly more challenging I thought. I didn’t feel tired or worn out really, the questions were just harder.

heck yes.

I thought the p.m exam was a tad-bit more complex, but not way more complex than the a.m. Overall, the exam was not as difficult as I thought it would be, however, my anxiety/nerves kept clogging my brain.

I finished the AM with an hour and half left, went over everything all over again. PM finished with 40 min left to spare, did the same. I remember when I was taking the PM all I was thinking was damn I failed, then when I went back over the test when I had more time I actually think I might have done better in the PM than the AM. I just think I got nervous. Who knows tho. There were def a lot more questions I did not know in the PM than the AM. I circled 30 in the AM and 40 in the PM that I was 50/50 on. But I circled something even if I was 2% unsure about the answer, this way I could have some sort of a guide as to how I did at the end of the test. Did I mention how bad this wait is?

I found it easier. I must be the only one.

i hate to say this for fear of jinxing myself - but I didn’t find either section all that difficult. I saw much trickier questions on the two mocks. fast forward to me seeing a fail on Jan 28th and really regretting this post.

The kid next to me thought it was easier also, so I guess you’re not alone jlive. What do u think, u think i passed? (I obviously want u to lie to me)

I felt that the afternoon was definately harder, though not significantly much more. Last June it was the other way around.

When I was taking the PM I felt like how I felt when I took the Mock exams and I scored a 68, 69 respectively on those. I feel like I did well over a 70 on the AM, so I’m hoping those two combined scores are enough to pass but who knows what I really got. I hate u CFAI for waiting so long so process scrantrons

Yes, second half was more difficult, especially bc the first half was mentally draining. That last half hour was a battle to stay focused, anyone agree?

I was really surprised with the morning section; I felt it was easier than some of the schweser practice exams, and MUCH easier than the mock CFAI exams. The afternoon I felt was a lot harder and more on par with the mocks. Then again I was yawning every 10 seconds in the afternoon portion having slept only 3 hours the night before so… who knows

definitely… AM session was a lot more straightforward. PM was confusing, esp ethics…

Ethics was numbing!!!I hope they’re basing results on an average…cos I can safely say I nailed AM to the wall!!PM was more than a bit tricky…and there were things I just didn’t know. I hate educated guesses…didn’t have to make any of those on AM!!

i had alot of energy going into the second exam. i think im the only one that enjoys ethics and econ here. I would have this huge smile on my head when i would read each ethics question because i was automatically thinking of questions they could ask and how it would be a violation or why it wouldnt.

EMRA - you would make a good compliance officer