Was the time enough on the 2012 Mocks?

I took the 2012 mock and barely had time to complete both the AM and PM sessions.

I thought there were a fair bit of calculations as well as a lot of reading comprehension with wordy passages.

What did you guys think? Any idea how the real exam would be? Can any retakers chime in?

Anyone who took the mock have any opinions?

I gave CFAI 2011 mock. I took around 2 hr and 40 minutes. It was more than the scweser mocks which i finish in around 2 hr 15 minutes

CFAI mocks have little traps in the options, so need to double check the answers.

I guess if a candidate is well prepared, then it should not take more than two and half hours, Because u need atleast need 30 minutes to go through the questions which you are not confident of

I can usually tell which questions are going to take a long time to answer (based on how many calculations are required, and how confused I am), and skip those if I want to gain some ground, time-wise.