Was thinking about taking CFA level 1 after CAIA level 2 in March 2014

How much does the CAIA prepare you for the CFA? Not sure if I have it in me to start studying for the CFA but I’m considering it and wanted to see how much the CAIA prepares you. Thanks

Not much, the overlap in ethics and alt inv might help a little but wouldn’t consider CAIA as a preparation for CFA at all.


CFA L1 is a recap of undergrad.

As said previously, not much overlap and at least twice the information (when I took it anyway). I would wait until December for CFA if you pass Level II now.

I wouldn’t necessarily suggest pushing back CFA 1, but bear in mind that the overlap between CAIA and CFA in mainly from CAIA L1 material and the step up in terms of question difficult is significant.

I would suggest that you try L1 in June at worst you fail and you can learn from the experience for the December exam.

An alternative if it’s not too late would be to push CAIA 2 back to September and focus on CFA L1 then do CAIA and then come back to CFA Level 2.