Washing your butt towel

Greenie…you gross man. You really using evaporation as your argument?

I love the condescending tone you’re using like I’m the stupid one.

Like others have said, it’s gross and I wonder when was the last time you washed those bed sheets.

I hope its not humid in Midland… because that is gross.

Well, while I do not condone Greenman’s behavior, I think as long as you don’t do the wedgie wipe, it is at least 7 times more acceptable.

^The title suggest he does.

The way the OP started I thought he was going to tell us he got the flu from not washing his ass towel. I’m not seeing how the first sentence was merely an aside to this unsavory affair.

This is why I always air dry. It’s good for the skin, cuts down on laundry and makes it easier to pee in the sink!

If Greenman had any pride, he’d retire that towel

I can’t relate to this topic. My wife does the laundry. The closet next to the bathroom/bidet palace is always stocked with clean towels. If I find I’ve used my current towel a few times, I leave it on the floor where I assume the Roomba eats it and next time I shower I grab a clean one.

Man Flu is real.


In other news, Green wtf bro. Would you go that long without washing your briefs? If it touches your taint, its got the staink.

^why have i never heard of this. suck it kmd