Washing your butt towel

So…I have both strep throat and the flu. (That’s really not germane to the conversation, but I’d appreciate it if you guys would take a few minutes to feel sorry for me. Thanks!)

In part of my wife’s quest to rid the house of funk, she demanded that I wash my towel–the one I dry off with after I take a shower.

Note that I have only one towel. It’s a big green one-up mushroom towel that I’ve had for years. I wash it periodically, but I dry it immediately and hang it right back up. However, I noticed that I haven’t washed it since at least Christmas.

I figure that’s okay, since the only thing it ever does is dry off my already-clean body. It’s not like it’s getting dirty or anything.

Women, amirite6?

Its kind of funny your wife just didn’t throw the towel in a wash, but demanded that you wash ‘your’ towel. lol Hope you feel better.

I have not washed my town since Christmas either. wink

…Meanwhile, men are complete babies when they are sick. Whine to everyone about it.

Men, am I right?

Side bar… what is the 6 in amirite6?

I was thinking the same thing. I saw Igor use that as well. #perturbed

Strep throat AND the flu??? Ouch!!! surprise I’ve had strep throat and it sure ain’t fun!!

I hope you feel better soon!!!

I figured that it was an exponent.

ROFL! I googled “amirite6” to see if I could find out what kind of millennial nonsense this was. This dumb thread was in the first page of results. I bet hashtag just made a typo and greenie copied it… hacksaw! OMG, I’m laughing myself to sleep now.

Towels used after showering should be washed at least once weekly. This article suggests even more frequently. http://www.esquire.com/style/news/a43134/washing-sheets-towels/

greenie - wash your dirty towel man.

KMD - man enough to admit this is true. I go from superman to proclaiming the earth is falling apart when i get sick.


The original 6 was coined by apumapu who is a an AF legend (or just RR with a duplicate profile). The amiright6 was coined by Ohio later in the thread and has been used many many times since.

The towel dampness is like a party for mold and bacteria to grow. Although, friend Boris says it is good to not wash, as it builds immunity of a strong male.

I toss my towel into the wash every couple of weeks, not because it’s dirty, but because it’s no longer soft and supple enough for my delicate bottom.

Greenman, that is disgusting. Using one towel since Christmas and not washing it, GROSS! You probably smell like mildew.

BTW, the towel dries off everyday through this process called “evaporation”. I don’t exactly know how it works, but by the next day, it is dry and mildew-free!!!

^what do you think happens to the excess skin and germs on the towel after evapouration?

^ that is gross GM. Should wash every 3-5 uses. If you have not washed your towel since Christmas…one can only imagine the other unhygienic things you do.

^ he pees into his sink and waffle stomps it in the shower

Even if the hygiene benefits are marginal, I don’t understand why you cannot just wash the towel. It takes literally 10 seconds to throw it in the washing machine with everything else.

How often you wash your bedsheets greenie if you haven’t washed the butt towel in 2 months?