Washington D.C. Level 1?

Anyone out there in the D.C. area taking the level one exam interested in meeting up sometime before Saturday to review some of the key points on the exam? Let me know!

hey Burji, I’d like to join the study group. Please let me know when/where you guys meet.

Sorry Min. When I posted this I was hoping to have a crash course review session before the June 2010 exam. I sat for the exam and am not waiting my results. If I receive bad news I will most definitely be taking the exam again and we can work from there to set up a study group. Good luck and I hope I don’t have to talk to you on the 27th of July :-). (Meaning I passed Level 1)

Hi I’m taking level 1 on Dec 2010 in DC. Do you guys have a study group? Can I join?

hey athenalee, we don’t have a study group yet. maybe you and I can start the study group :slight_smile: let me know if you are interested in. my email address is ml0488a@gmail.com