Washington DC L2

I’m looking for an occasional study buddy for L2 in DC. holler at me, jamesulan@gmail.com.

I am in MD and would like to join. but haven’t yet started really. when are you planning to start?

I’m from Reston, VA. Please let me know if you guys are planning to start a study group…

I am in Mclean and would like to join the study group. I had a tough time doing a self-study for Level I and hope there are economies of scale to be in a study group.

I’m in great falls, va. I’d love to meet up with you guys, but I just took level 1 so I’m waiting to see if I pass. If I did, count me in.

I would be interested in a DC study group, but I probably won’t venture outside of the district.

Hi guys Everyone interested in an L2 study group send me your email and we’ll start an email thread. JamesUlan@gmail.com I’ve been talking with other DC L2’ers and we’re planning to get together every other weekend or week, whatever works. Holy crap, its starting to hit me how much studying this is going to be. This is what I’m going to look like before and after the exam. http://www.searchnut.com/images/nerd/nerd_385x261.jpg http://www.beerchurch.com/Portals/2/Chapter%20Images/prague3.jpg