Washington DC

Tomorrow I’ll be flying to Washington DC for my first visit to the city. After a long day on Thursday, I intend to go out and have some fun at night. Does anyone have tips for me? I know where to go in London and NYC but I don’t feel like having to search for a good place for hours when I only have one night. All is welcome!

Adam’s Morgan is where the fun is. Georgetown is also good (M street and Wisconsin), and U street between about 14th and 18th streets isn’t bad either. Unfortunately none of these is all that easily gotten to by the Metro system.

Go to a museum

agree wid bchadwick for the night-time, i had to walk for a good 20 mins from the metro to get to adam’s morgan. for day-time fun i recommend doing the national air and space museum, its right next to the capitol.

Go to the intersection of 18th and M (dupont area). Adams Morgan is too crappy for my taste.