Wasn't there a question on FRA's and a swap like the 08 am?

  1. Wasn’t there an example of having to value fra’s in the text somewhere? I did all of risk management today and expected to see it…did i miss something? 2) Also, is there a problem somewhere like number 7’ swap valuation on the 2008 am exam? It was where we had to value two fixed payments versus a floating? (See Below) 3)Last, in the Q Below the answer states The PV(fixed-leg) = ((1+(0.055*(180/360)*0.9911)+ ((1+(0.055*(180/360)))*0.9649)=1.0187 Correct me if Im wrong, but isnt this errata? We only add a “1” to the last payment on the fixed, correct? The sample above shows it on both payments - gave me fits… Shouldn’t it be The PV(fixed-leg) = (((0.055*(180/360)*0.9911)+ //notice the lack of 1 ((1+(0.055*(180/360)))*0.9649)=1.0187 Swap: • entered a one-year interest rate swap four months ago; • RR receives floating payments based on LIBOR and pays a fixed rate of 5.5 percent; • the two-month LIBOR is 5.35 percent; • the eight-month LIBOR is 5.45 percent; • the next floating payment will be 5.4 percent; • assume semi-annual payments based on 30 days in a month, 360 days in a year. For Red River, the present value of the liability side of this swap (fixed-leg) is greater than the present value of the asset side of the swap (floating-leg). Therefore, the market value of the swap for RR is negative. The counterparty’s market value of the swap is positive, thus subjecting the counterparty to credit risk. The present values of the fixed-leg and floating-leg are: The PV of floating-leg equals 1 (the notional principal) plus the next floating payment discounted by the 2-month factor. PV(floating-leg) =(1+(0.054*(180/360))*0.9911)=1.0179 The PV(fixed-leg) = ((1+(0.055*(180/360)*0.9911)+ ((1+(0.055*(180/360)))*0.9649)=1.0187 Therefore the market value of swap to RR equals = 1.0179-1.0187 = (0.0008) Where the PV factors for 2 and 8 months are, respectively: 1/(1+0.0535*(60/360))=0.9911 1/(1+0.0545*(240/360))=0.9649

I think FRA has become “optional”.

Yeah In only saw it in optional, but it seems like i remember doing a problem… I’m looking for more of those swaps like in the problem above too…

Looks like maybe i did FRA’s in the schweser text…maybe that is where i remember it, page 92, book4

Looks like maybe i did FRA’s in the schweser text…maybe that is where i remember it, page 92, book 4

There was a problem somewhere in the mocks / practice exams on credit risk of an FRA. In order to value an FRA I had to go read up the optional section in CFAI text. Its pretty straightforward, if you know how to value an FRA you can do it pretty easily.