watch for the AF question on the exam

it’ll be there, something like this - Q - after the CFA exam, bob goes to the online message board and says “i can’t believe there were so many fixed income questions!” did bob violate the standards? just be thankful they’re giving you an easy question in order to send a clear message.

that would violate the code

Violation dude

this post is a violation! you’re specifically talking about a confidential exam question! im disassociating IMMEDIATELY!

Candidate be perpetratin’ and violatin’!

unless i’m wrong, speculating on a possible exam question beforehand does not violate. but AFTER it happens, the first person who comes in this thread and says “hey you were right” does! so don’t do that…

i guess my confusion was due to op’s failure to differentiate between opinion and fact! he didn’t say “should” or “might” he said “this question WILL BE on the exam”